Support for the provincial health division of North Kivu


The Provincial Health Division (DPS) is the administration in charge of providing healthcare in each province of the DR Congo. Our PADISS project deploys an axis of strengthening this administration, to contribute to an efficient and quality public sector.

Objective pursued

Strengthen the organization, skills, and means necessary to coordinate actions and mobilize the resources needed to set up the provincial health system.

Completed actions

  • Technical assistance in the implementation of healthcare reform, in the development and implementation of tools for coordination, health regulation and support for health zones
  • Provision of operating costs for offices and organization of activities.


  • Coordination and involvement of partners in response actions against COVID-19 integrated into the provincial health system
  • Regular support for health zones by multi-purpose and specific supervisors from the DPS (34 zones)
  • High increase in health services usage by the population and progressive reduction of maternal deaths in healthcare settings.

Operational partners

DPS Nord-Kivu, CDR Asrames, OMS, Unicef, EUP FASS, ICE.

Financial partners


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