Support for the establishment of a viable organization of health services in urban areas in Goma



The rapidly-growing urbanization and the size of certain cities in the DRC show the limits of a health system dating from a time when these agglomerations were of much less importance. Today, it is a question of bringing the care offer in line with this evolution, taking into account this urban context.

Objective Pursued

Support a viable organization of light, quality, private, secular, not-for-profit and accredited primary health care structures to meet the needs of the population, and which can be accredited in a subsidy system.

Completed Actions

  • Completion of 3 studies aimed at a better understanding of the therapeutic itinerary of patients and the profile of the healthcare offer in the city of Goma
  • Organization of 2 study trips on the organization of urban health services
  • Establishment of an urban health sub-working group, bringing together partners and actors from the health system at the provincial level and the city of Goma
  • Organization of construction workshops for the model of the first medical level to be tested
  • Development of a research protocol on the first urban medical level and submission to an ethics committee
  • Establishment of 2 medicalized urban health centers: construction, equipment, establishment of multidisciplinary teams, staff training, organization of patient care tools and research data collection tools
  • Organization of operational and analytical evaluations and an external thematic evaluation
  • Organization of meetings of the urban health sub-working group
  • Support for 2 medicalized urban health centers (CSMU) and other health centers benefiting from the FASS subsidy.


  • 2 medicalized health centers, each with a multidisciplinary team (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, clinical psychologist, social worker) are functional and attended by an increasingly large patient base
  • Health facilities are increasingly used by the population
  • Other healthcare structures in the city of Goma are integrating the model being tested

Operational partners

DPS Nord Kivu, Direction d’études et planification/MSP RDC, CDR Asrames, Equipes cadres des zones de santé de Goma et Karisimbi, AFEMED, CBCE, EUP FASS.

Financial partners

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