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Baby boom: reforestation in the Mangrove Marine Park

To combat climate change, the Baby-boom project, financed by the City of Brussels, aims to plant at least 6 adult trees for each birth registered with the municipality. With around 2,300 births a year, more than 40,000 trees will be planted by the end of the project.

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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, as in many countries around the world, the relationship between human beings and their environment is complex. While climate change and energy are the focus of attention in Europe, other aspects of this issue are experienced by the Congolese population, particularly around mangroves, which are both a carbon sink for humanity and a source of many goods and services.

In order to reduce the pressure on natural resources (wood, arable land, fish, etc.) while developing viable alternatives with the communities, ULB-Coopération is taking part in the Baby-boom project, funded by the City of Brussels.




  • Sustainable reforestation of continental forests and mangroves
  • Reduce human pressure on timber resources by supporting communities in and around the Mangrove Marine Park (MMMP) in the development of alternative economic activities
  • Build technical and institutional capacity in environmental matters
  • Produce and disseminate knowledge on the above-mentioned issues


Every year, from November to February, 30 villagers from around the Park harvest propagules that have fallen to the ground. These propagules, which will give rise to mangrove trees, are drilled by hand to make it easier to plant them in the compact soil of the mangroves. 40 people then proceed with the reforestation, stem by stem. The remaining propagules are taken to the Park’s nurseries for replanting in the right season.

For fishermen and farmers, this paid work takes place during the low season, enabling them to earn an attractive income while restoring their environment. During the other months of the year, ICCN monitors the plots and ensures that the plants are growing well.

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