Support for strengthening gender and community participation in the DRC


Thanks to the collaboration with the provincial administration in charge of health (Provincial Health Directorate, DPS) of North Kivu, we carry out actions to strengthen gender and community participation within the framework of the PADISS project.

Objective Pursued

Support the integration of the gender approach in the practices of managers and staff of hospitals and health centers while promoting participatory approaches.



  • Analysis and evaluation of the realities and causes of health discrimination at the HPNK (Provincial Hospital of North Kivu)
  • Improved dialogue between members of the CSMU healthcare teams, the Goma training center (CFNK) team, and the project around the approach to humanizing care
  • Study of health user satisfaction surveys at the HPNK
  • Contribution to communication strategies for patient reception and production of educational videos, e-news, and video capsules at the HPNK
  • Organization of discussion forums between providers and the population on access to services for the target group of diabetics
  • Participation in exchange workshops with other INGI around Gender and Health


Expected Impacts

  • Improvement of trust and consultation between the health personnel of the HPNK, the Urban Medical Health Center (CSMU) and the population of Goma
  • Improved awareness and knowledge of patients’ rights for patients and healthcare workers
  • Response to the priority needs of diabetic patients registered with the CSMU
  • Sharing experiences around gender mainstreaming in the health sector with other actors in the province

Operational partners

DPS Nord Kivu, Équipes cadres des zones de santé de Goma et Karisimbi et des CSMU, Cluster Protection/Genre-Nord-Kivu.

Financial partners

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