DRC: Mobilization for the right to health in Kinshasa

Areas of Intervention

Kinshasa, municipality of Kintambo


Residents of neighborhoods in the municipality improve their health through mobilization and advocacy actions towards health centers and municipal and health authorities. By raising awareness, organizing and mobilizing volunteers, Étoile du Sud (Southern Star), our partner, creates dynamic citizens that aim both to improve the living environment and the supply of health services. This “empowerment” of citizens in the exercise of their Right to Health is a key element for improving the accessibility of quality care.


  • Make citizens aware of their active role in improving their health and their healthcare system
  • Organize and mobilize groups in the neighborhoods to carry out advocacy, awareness-raising, information, support for mutual aid, and the exchange of information (WhatsApp, radio, etc.)
  • Support concrete improvements for users of the healthcare system: drainage, waste management, etc.
  • In 2020, a rapid reaction and effective actions to inform populations about COVID19, making it possible to fight against the spread of COVID-19
  • Organize the participation of the groups in the capitalization process carried out with the first level think tank, Kintambo, and the hospital platform


  • Health centers that modify their offer of care or their infrastructures in relation to specific requests from groups of citizens
  • Stakeholders (parishes, professional and youth associations) who are involved in a more concerted way in actions aimed at improving the quality of care in the municipality
  • The placing on the agenda of the municipal authorities of certain health or sanitation issues

Main Partner

Etoile du Sud DRC (Southern Star)


Belgian International Cooperation (DGD)


€44,160 (2017-2021)