Education and critical citizenship

The close collaboration between the NGO and the different actors of the Free University of Brussels (students, professors, faculties, etc) fosters the exchange of knowledge.

The appropriation of knowledge is essential to activate the process of change in society. It provides tools to develop a critical approach and contribute to the construction of a solid and innovative society. This appropriation of knowledge makes sense when it is carried out at different levels, both in the North and the South. It concerns individuals, civil society organizations, public and private institutions.

This process of appropriation of knowledge takes place both in the North and the South at an individual, organizational, and institutional level.

The « Education and critical citizenship » subject is threefold

  • Education to global and solidary citizenship (ECMS)
    Fully integrated into ULB’s activities, the ECMS aims at a better understanding of international and development challenges in order to sharpen critical thinking, to bring out behavioural changes, to exercise rights and duties as a citizen, to contribute to building a fairer, more sustainable, more inclusive and more cohesive society.
  • Capacity building
    The NGO offers direct or indirect support to basic and continuous training related to development cooperation.
  • Plea
    As a civil society actor, the NGO’s projects adopt strategies and methods to influence opinions and decisions of individuals as well as  organizations in order to obtain the desired societal change.


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