DJESA: raising awareness of food sovereignty

DJESA is a series of half-day discussions on food sovereignty, organised by the Uni4Coop consortium (Eclosio, FUCID, Louvain Coopération, ULB-Coopération), Humundi and Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (VSF), on various French-speaking campuses in Belgium.

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By combining cultural events (theatre, film, dance, etc.) and in-depth workshops in sub-groups led by experts in the field or from the voluntary sector, DJESA helps students from all backgrounds to gain a better understanding of today’s food systems so that they can envisage alternative models for tomorrow! Whether they are studying political science, bioengineering, veterinary science, etc., they have the opportunity to step outside the academic framework, debate, adopt new perspectives and imagine alternatives to meet the challenges of access to land, globalisation, agricultural policies… to support the development of healthy, humane and sustainable agriculture.

DJESA is also its little brother Jagros, a project run by Humundi, VSF and formerly Eclosio, which offers a similar activity for Wallonia’s agronomy colleges.

Watch a video review of the Namur 2023 event.

Are you a university lecturer who would like to organise this activity as part of your course?

DJESA can be adapted to all faculties and disciplines to address the issues of food sovereignty and the opportunities for students to get involved through their studies or future careers. The half-day session consists of:

  • A general introduction to the concept through a cultural event (play, talk, etc.). In 2022 and 2023, this was the play “Nourrir l’Humanité – Acte II”.
  • Two hours of workshops in sub-groups on themes related to the concept of food sovereignty: access to land, the stranglehold of multinationals, globalisation of trade and international trade, agricultural alternatives, access to food: social aid and food aid, etc. The content and types of workshops can be adapted to suit students’ courses and numbers.

Would you like to find out more? Don’t hesitate to contact our project managers on the various campuses:

  • Brussels: Julie BERTHELIER
  • Gembloux: Héloïse Blondeel
  • Louvain-la-Neuve: Juliette Delvaux
  • Namur: Maxime Giegas

Previous editions:

December 2022, for B1 bioengineering students at ULB

  • First part: “Nourrir l’Humanité, Acte II” (play)
  • Workshops: alternatives (with Caroline Amrom from Sytra and Jean-Philippe Gomrée, farmer), globalisation and relocation (with Christian Mulders from SPW Wallonie Environnement) and access to land (a speaker from Terre en Vue).

February 2023, aimed at B3 veterinary students at UCL

  • First part: “Nourrir l’Humanité, Acte II” (play)
  • Workshops: alternatives (with Anton Riera from Sytra and Marc-André Hénin, farmer), globalisation and relocation (with Nicolas Barla from Humundi) and access to land (Marie-Hélène Lefèvre from FIAN Belgium)

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