Education for global citizenship and solidarity


The campuses of the Free University of Brussels and the surrounding municipalities.


Thanks to our support, more higher education stakeholders and institutional decision-makers develop a critical, systemic and interdependent vision of global citizenship and solidarity. These stakeholders are committed to building more just, sustainable, solidarity-based societies that respect human rights.



  • Raising awareness to improve the academic community’s understanding of global issues. Activities that contribute to this objective can be screenings, theater productions, exhibitions, … Read more
  • Integrate the themes of global citizenship and solidarity within the interdis’cours and encourage commitment in the curriculum. This consists on activities that promote knowledge from the South      thanks to quality speakers, support in preparing internships or interdisciplinary projects. For more information
  • Supporting activists in their awareness-raising activities, by strengthening their thematic and methodological skills through workshops and training. For example, training in the use of educational tools such as “Partir ou Rester” on the subject of migration or in the search for subsidies for small organisations. More information
  • support institutional decision-makers in the changes they can introduce in the institutional framework for sustainable and equitable development.

Other actions

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Expected Impacts

An academic framework that encourages and values the engagement of the university community and of students who feel co-responsible for global issues and are aware of the role they can play.