Corporate philanthropy can take different forms, illustrating the commitment and social responsibility of companies, outside their economic mission:

  • Financial sponsorship: contribution of donations;
  • Sponsorship of skills: know-how, expertise, advice;
  • Sponsorship in kind: equipment, products…


The commitment to a sponsorship process offers the company the possibility to contribute in the long term to the improvement of its social, ecological and/or cultural environment. This contribution also contributes to the company’s identity by nourishing its image with positive values. Indeed, sponsorship reinforces the attractiveness of the brand, the empathy of the customers and allows to differentiate itself from the competition. For companies, it is a way to fully embrace their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We are looking for corporate sponsors wishing to associate themselves with ULB-Cooperation for a specific event, or in the long term (support for a specific project or the NGO in general).

Sponsorship: a win-win attitude!

The advantages for the company
  • Social commitment
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Positive image
  • Attractiveness of the brand
The + for ULB-Cooperation
  • Financing of projects
  • Continuous learning

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