• Bequest: you bequeath part of your property by will (contact your notary or contact-us for more information).
    • Universal bequest: You bequeath all your goods to ULB-Cooperation
    • Particular bequest: You decide which property (money, jewelry, furniture…) is left to the NGO
  • Duo-bequest: You bequeath your goods to an association via a “duo-bequest”. If you have no direct heirs and you wish to avoid high inheritance taxes, opt for a “net of inheritance tax” bequest. Your estate is divided into two parts: one for your loved ones, the other for ULB-Cooperation. We pay all the inheritance tax for both parts. In this way, the part destined for your heirs increases significantly. Contact your notary or contact-us for more information.

“All that you have will be given away one day. So give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your descendants’.”
K. Gibran

What do we do with your contribution?

Each bequest received allows us to, for example:

  • Improve basic hospital infrastructure and the quality of health care
  • Reinforce the food and nutritional security of the population
  • Fight against deforestation and for the protection of the environment
  • Influence people and organizations for social change…

We are not listed on the websites vef-aerf.be, testament.be or bonnescauses.be; the amount of annual membership fees requested by these sites are at this stage prohibitive for our NGO.