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In reality, your donation costs you 0

By donating, you will make a real contribution to our main goal: granting people in developing countries access to an adequate standard of living through:

  • The improvement of the quality and access to health care in Kinshasa (North Kivu)
  • The reinforcement of the beekeeping sector in DRC, in the province of Central Congo
  • The development of agroecological and agroforestry practices in DRC, Burkina Faso and Senegal
  • Sustainable management of protected forest areas

If you contribute €40 or more, your donation is tax deductible.

It means that you will automatically receive a tax certificate from us that allows you to claim around 45% of the donated amount. For instance, you will receive €45 back if you contribute €100.

Payment information

Bank account: BE25 7320 4180 0482

Name: ULB-Coopération

Reason for payment: “Donation NAME + SURNAME”


ULB-Coopération is grateful to the donors that contribute to implementing our projects in our different areas of intervention.

Donations help the NGO to pursue its social work as well as to take actions to improve local populations’ well-being within the countries of intervention.

ULB-Cooperation is recognized as an NGO by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a non-profit association.  It carries out all its actions in accordance with the values it defends.

Ethics and integrity are the key words of charter and code of conduct. For this reason, all the funds raised are managed in a transparent way. The management of these funds is checked and validated internally by independent structures.

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