Territories and resources

Access to resources and development of territories are crucial topics for the African continent. In rural areas, the agricultural economy, on which the population is greatly dependent, is in difficulty. Climate change and non-sustainable use of natural resources lead to the deterioration of the environment and resources. These phenomena increase migrations towards cities, which cause urban planning and supply issues.

To be efficient, ULB-Cooperation collaborate with rural and urban populations in a participatory and collaborative approach of North-South cooperation. ULB-Cooperation supports local and urban communities by promoting a systemic approach regarding different functions linked to their development and access to financial means and complementary human resources to help the populations plan and develop projects based on community diagnoses.

In collaboration with the Free University of Brussels, ULB-Coopération is developing this theme around 3 different aspects:

  • Food security and sustainable production systems: improvement of farming and livestock systems for their adaptation to the consequences of climate change.
  • Preservation and rational exploitation of the environment:  sustainable access to natural resources (soils, forests, water) and mitigation of climate change causes.
  • Basic infrastructures and networks: support management and maintenance of health, agricultural, hydraulic and electric infrastructures.

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