Burkina Faso Agroforestry to improve plant potential

Intervention area

Po – six riverside villages in the elephant corridor


To contribute to reinforcing plant potential as well as increasing the population’s incomes in the elephant corridor zone that links Kaboré Tambi National Park in Pô and the Nazinga ranch.


  • Raising awareness among 1,000 producers, 40% of which are women
  • Training 120 producers on plantation techniques, maintenance, and tree management
  • Training 18 nursery owners on setting up and managing a tree nursery
  • Training the staff at the Natudev NGO on APAF agroforestry practices
  • Creating more than 120 hectares of agroforestry fields with different species of fertilizer trees.
  • Installing more than 12,000 metres of evergreen windbreak hedges
  • Installing more than 10 kilometres of defensive evergreen hedges to protect the fields at the edge of the elephant corridor
  • Creating 24 hectares of wooded areas (groves, fallow land, pure plantations)
  • Planting more than 100,000 trees of different species.


  • The producers are more aware of the issues related to the environment and sustainable land management.
  • The producers have an expert knowledge of tree plantation techniques, upkeep and management
  • The trained nursery owners are able to create and manage a tree nursery
  • The trained staff can provide monitoring and support to the producers regarding agroforestry management



Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD)


XOF 108,232,905 or €165,000 (2017-2021)