Audio decolonial guided tour of the Solbosch campus, at the ULB

The Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations (CMCLCD) (Colonial Memory and Fight against Discrimination Collective) and ULB-Coopération have created a totally immersive decolonial guided tour of the Solbosch campus in the form of a podcast.

At 1h30, you explore 9 emblematic places of the historic ULB campus and their links with the Belgian colonial past. The whole thing is set to sound by Studios Kimia and accompanied by a unique sound environment thanks to the artistic participation of StraZ, Gloria Mukolo and Joëlle Sambi.


The (de)colonization of Belgian public spaces has been placed at the center of media attention in recent years. While everyone may remember the few debunked monuments and other statues marked with red paint, many do not know what it means to “decolonize public space” and yet this debate is firmly rooted in the present.

Trying to find an alternative to physical visits, Collectif Mémoire Coloniale et Lutte contre les Discriminations (Colonial Memory and Fight against Discrimination Collective) and ULB-Coopération have collaborated with Studios Kimia to create a decolonial guided tour available in total autonomy to the public.

The historical description of the places and the links with Belgian colonization are at the heart of the visit: it is a journey between the past and the present, guided by the poetic voice of Gloria Mukolo, embellished with the magnificent Slams of Joëlle Sambi, while the music of StraZ rhythms the steps.


The objectives of this associative, artistic, and activist project are diverse. On the one hand, to improve understanding of the issues related to the colonial history of the ULB. On the other hand, to make visible the historical links between the production of knowledge and the legitimization of the colonial system through anthropology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, etc.

The CMCLD and ULB-Coopération also want, through this podcast, to improve understanding of the relationships of domination operating in current societies in order to fuel the debate, fight against discrimination, and participate in a process of decolonization of the University.

Where Available

Concretely, the audio of the decolonial guided tour guides the listener for 1h30 within Solbosch, the first campus of the ULB (map available here).

This podcast is available for free (in french) on Spotify, Itunes, SoundCloud, and YouTube listening platforms.

Discover an excerpt before going further? It’s here!


Colonial Memory and Fight against Discrimination Collective: The “Colonial Memory and Fight against Discrimination” Collective (CMCLD) is a citizen, pan-African and decolonial collective. The Collective deals with two themes: colonial memory and the fight against discrimination, both present in the component of African descent of the Belgian population.

ULB-Coopération: NGO partner of the Free University of Brussels, ULB-Coopération works to deconstruct stereotypes and fight against discrimination, in particular through its education program for global and solidarity citizenship.

Kimia: Production studio launched in 2021 by Benjamin Rifon. Based in Brussels, its ambition is to produce audiovisual content with a high social impact by organizing collaboration between artists and journalists. The studio specializes in podcasting & photography.

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