Interpel’action for a balanced ecological transition

In collaboration with the Students in Transition Office (SiTO), ULB-Coopération supports ULB students in articulating and defending their ideas on the need to initiate a fair, sustainable and inclusive ecological transition with those who represent them, both within the University and in Belgium and Europe.

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The mobilization of young people in favor of the climate and ecological transition is well established. However, despite their interest and commitment to these issues, dialogue between young people and the institutions that represent them seems complicated.

In May 2024, for the first time in ULB’s history, students will be asked to vote for their future rector. June will also see the Belgian regional and federal elections, as well as the European elections. Spring 2024 will therefore be a key moment to (finally) make their voices heard on the importance they attach to a fair, sustainable and inclusive ecological transition. A project in which ULB-Coopération and SiTO wish to support the student community.


Activities will take place on the Solbosch campus of the Université libre de Bruxelles and are open to all students regularly enrolled in a higher education institution.


With the main objective of creating and strengthening dialogue between young people and institutions on the theme of climate resilience and ecological transition, the project can be read in two parts:

  • Building skills:
  • Supporting students in their understanding of the democratic process by training them in the various tools of political participation
  • Developing their thematic knowledge linked to the need for a just, sustainable and inclusive ecological transition, as well as their transversal skills and their ability to organize events for the general public, to follow a project, to work in a team…
  • Support for action and mobilization  build, formulate and disseminate concrete messages for a just, sustainable and inclusive ecological transition to candidates in future rectoral, regional, federal and European elections.


  • Kick-off of the project and launch of the student organizing committee
  • Student parliamentary session and formulation of a series of recommendations for future ULB rectoral elections.
  • Festival for a balanced transition. Over three days, students will take part in themed discussion forums, exchange sessions with associations and political representatives, and collective intelligence workshops to produce a message for candidates in the Belgian regional, federal and European elections.
  • Capitalization session, during which students will discuss and reflect on the political interpellation processes they set up a few months earlier (academic year 2024).
  • Meeting and rectoral dialogue, during a question-and-answer debate with the future rector of ULB (academic year 2024).

Project follow-up activities and thematic and methodological reinforcement workshops will be co-organized on a regular basis by SiTO and ULB-Coopération for the organizing student group.



Duration : 10 months : from january to october 2024


Contact people: Julie Berthelier