DRC: Support to the hospital platform of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Area of intervention

Ituri, Kinshasa, Kongo central, Kwango, Mbuji Mayi, Sud Ubangi


To support the Hospital platform of the DRC (PH-RDC) in order to allow the hospitals to contribute to the physical, social and mental well-being of the population, in particular that of mothers, children and other vulnerable groups.



  • Organize high-level continuing education in the medical and management fields, using peer training but also relying on university expertise in the DRC and Belgium
  • Support the dynamics of information exchange, consultation and mutual aid between hospitals, to reinforce the dissemination of good practices, to harmonize advocacy positions, etc.
  • Support the process of financing micro-projects to improve hospital infrastructures or processes, through a system of competitive and SMART calls for projects
  • Support digitalization actions by integrating PHRDC with various partners and networks
  • Support continuous learning by involving PHRD in the capitalization process with the first-tier think tank and Kintambo citizen groups
  • Conduct action research on the organization and functioning of the Kisantu Hospital Quality Committee, with a view to disseminating the results and influencing policy and regulations in this area




  • A structure that gathers almost thirty hospital institutions that meet each other, coordinate and collaborate regularly to improve the quality of medical care




€321,775  (2017-2021), part of our support program to the health system in Kinshasa, amounting to €1,171,802  (2017-2021)