Support for the establishment of an autonomous continuing training system in clinical practice and in the management of health services



The continuous training of health personnel in North Kivu is one of our PASIAA project’s work areas. A training center, the CFNK, was built and opened in Goma, whose approaches are based on active pedagogy and support for change.

Objective Pursued

Reinforcing the possibilities of continuous training for all health personnel (clinicians, managers, biomedical maintenance technicians) is planned over the long term so that the skills of the actors are maintained and adapted to new approaches and new technology.

Completed Actions

  • Creation of an ASBL public utility
  • Construction and opening of a training center, the CFNK, fully operational and able to accommodate several training sessions simultaneously thanks to its rooms and its audience
  • Construction and opening of an accommodation center for trainees/learners
  • Equipment of the center with educational tools and creation of simulation rooms
  • Definition of the strategic and pedagogical axes of the training center
  • Organization of training: basic ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology, neonatal care, education for adults, accounting and hospital management, humanistic approach to care, maintenance of biomedical equipment parks (MSV and Humatem partnership), care bereavement and perinatal bereavement, functioning and organization of multidisciplinary teams, management of medical emergencies, management of infectious diseases, etc.


  • Those responsible for the various national and provincial programs participate in the training and teaching of adults.
  • The management of hospital structures supported under the project are made aware ofthe need to have a structured policy for the continuous training of their agents.
  • A reflexive approach to the organization of care according to the humanist approach to care is initiated.
  • Awareness on the importance of the maintenance of medical equipment and on the training of users is conducted out in the province.

Operational partners

DPS Nord Kivu, MSP, CDR Asrames, Équipes cadres des zones de santé de Goma et Karisimbi, MSV, Humatem, Erasme Coopération, Membres Fondateurs du CFNK, Uni4coop.

Financial partners

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