DRC: Consultation of the 1st level of care in Kintambo

Areas of Intervention

Kinshasa, municipality of Kintambo


Strengthen the quality and accessibility of first-line care in the municipality by stimulating the coordination of care and consultation within the “1st level reflection group” of the municipality of Kintambo (100,000 inhabitants), including 11 health actor volunteers: public and private health centers, the area management team and a higher education institution for health professions.

Fight against the fragmentation of the care offer and the weakness of the consultation with the communities as well as with the reference hospitals.

Strengthen group learning trajectories between health centers, joint and concerted actions, and advocacy towards public authorities.


  • Organize technical and management training, partly by peers and external experts. Support coaching between health centers to disseminate good practices
  • Encourage the dynamics of consultation and debate between health centers, but also with community representatives
  • Support the process of financing micro-projects to improve infrastructure, the supply of essential equipment (COVID equipment for example)
  • Organize a common process of capitalizing on good practices and sharing/coaching between participants


  • A better coordinated, better equipped, basic care offer, better meeting the needs of the populations, provided by an increase in attendance and income from health centers, thus initiating a virtuous dynamic
  • Spontaneous pooling of resources and procedures to improve the supply of care:

–  in 2019, for the rapid detection of sickle cell disease

–  in 2020, for COVID awareness, equipment for health personnel



Belgian International Cooperation (DGD)


€174,030 (2017-2021)