I have a degree in Communication with a focus on Participatory Communication for Development (C4D). I am very interested in international organizations and cooperations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), projects and programs that deal with issues related to agriculture, environment, humanitarian aid, socio-economic integration of youth and women, the fight against poverty, the defense and protection of human rights, education, health of populations, etc.

Having discovered ULB-Cooperation, an NGO specialized in the field of agroecology, agroforestry, health and health systems as well as critical citizenship education, I had the opportunity to integrate the local NGO in Burkina as a volunteer. Indeed, doing an internship within ULB-Cooperation was one of the best experiences for me because it allowed me to discover and experience the internal and external communication of the NGO (design of visibility tools, participation in various meetings, animations,…). Also, I participated in field missions, various workshops and activities, which also allowed me to acquire other knowledge and to strengthen my skills other than communication. Finally, my time at ULB-Cooperation was beneficial for me in the sense that I left sufficiently equipped and ready to pursue my dream.